Acanthodes NB

Scientific Name

Acanthodes bronni


Dua Ribu Lake

Real Life Location

Europe, North America, Australia

Tackle Size


Biggest Size

1.22 ft

Base Fish Points


The Acanthodes is the monster fish of Dua Ribu Lake. There is an error in the game about it: The fishing book and the request messages state it's found in Dua Ribu Eyelet, but it's found in the Red Windmill. The acanthodes is of the family of Acanthodii, same as the Climatius. It was also a species of spiny shark, but has less spines than that of the Climatius. It was over 3 times as big as the Climatius, being about 1 foot long in real life. 


Just to the left of the dead tree at the red windmill.

Bait & LuresEdit

  • Quick hitter: Regular


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