Welcome to the Admin Signup page. I am kinda inactive as I am involved with many non-wikia things and I cannot admin the wiki every day. I just don't have the time. Now I am giving you a chance to sign up to become an administrator on the wiki and you can help me admin the wiki while I am gone.

Here are the requirements:

  • You must have 300+ edits on the wiki in order to sign up.
  • You may not have a crime record of bans.
  • You must have detected spam and rolled back the spam once or more.
  • You SHOULD have experience as admin on another wiki/forum/chat/etc. wikia or not.
  • You must be at least moderately active to admin the wiki.

Please place your username, edit count, and notable contributions/things we should know on this table.

Username Edit Count Notable contributions we should know about.

Admins will be selected after enough people have signed up.

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