Alaskan Pollock

Scientific Name

Theragra chalcogramma


Frigid Ocean

Real-Life Location

Northern Pacific

Tackle Size


Largest Size

Please Add

Base Fish Points


The Alaskan Pollock is a cod from the North Pacific. It is named for its resemblance to the true Pollock. This is a password fish from the frigid ocean. They are not that common, and ocean fishing is anything but sure. In real life, this fish has developed drumming muscles, which is used during mating. 


Baits & Lures

  • Rainbow, but it won't even touch that 30% of the time, and you're fishing blind.
  • Quick Hitter (Large)


This fish is not that common, and it is a lucky catch to anyone who catches one. This fish can be caught just the same as the other several large fish in the frigid ocean, with large tackle, and several types of large baits including Quick Hitter Large. 

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