The Aquarium is a location where most fish that had been caught by the player stored. Located in the Hotel Fishing Resort of Teman Paradise Beach, it could be accessed after completing the quest "Thrilling Aquarium."

Opening the Aquarium Edit

After starting a new game, the player may notice a man in a suit stand at the lobby, near the entrance to the Aquarium. He's the owner of the Penangkapan Island and asked the player to catch 10 different species of fish for the Aquarium. After the player fulfill his request, he told to the player that he made them the new director of the Aquarium, and he leaves them to build, upgrade, and stock the tanks with their own.

Mechanics Edit

The aquarium is divided into two stories: B1F contains Saltwater tanks and B2F for Freshwater tanks. Each floor also further divided into three areas, according to climates, with mostly two large tanks and an inset tank at each group (the Salt/Temp area has three large tanks instead of two).

There's a laptop lying on the desk near the Information Area which serves as the tool to build new tanks and upgrade the existing ones. It also contain the Aquarium map to help the player memorize the layout on the entire aquarium and keeping a track of the levels of each tanks represented with different colors: Gray means the tank has not built yet, blue for Level 1, green for Level 2, gold for Level 3, and red for Level Max.

The game uses a level system to determine how the decorations of the tanks looks. Level 1 has no decoration at all, Level 2 added some rocks, Level 3 tanks gained even more rocks, and finally, Level Max added green plants (for freshwater tanks) and corals (for saltwater tanks).

Within the map, the player may choose to build a new tank, but the catch is the new tank must be directly connected to an already built tank. The player can, for instance, build Temp/Salt #3 after building Temp/Salt #2 , but cannot build Fresh/Frigid #2 before building Fresh/Frigid #1. Each tank requires certain amount of points to build, but upgrades costs exactly same amount of points for all tanks.

Upon unlocking the aquarium, the player started with the Trop/Salt 1 tank already build at level 1.

to unlock the penguins in the first frigid area in the aquarium you need to catch more fish and upgrade the aquarium.

there is also sometimes a dream aquarium tour on the bulletin board that lets you see what your aquarium will almost look like when you finish it.

The Tanks Edit

Saltwater Tanks Edit

Trop/Salt Tank #1 Edit

Trop/Salt Tank #2 Edit

Temp/Salt Tank #1 Edit

Temp/Salt Tank #2 Edit

Temp/Salt Tank #3 Edit

Cold/Salt Tank #1 Edit

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Saltwater Inset Tanks Edit

Freshwater Tanks Edit

Trop/Fresh Tank #1 Edit

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Temp/Fresh Tank #1 Edit

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Cold/Fresh tank #1 Edit

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