Arctic Grayling
Arctic Grayling

Scientific Name

Thymallus arcticus


Gunan Es River

Real Life Location

Arctic and Pacific Oceans

Tackle Size


Largest Size

1.66 ft

Base Fish Points


The Arctic Grayling has a large fin on its back, making it easy to spot in the water. It is everywhere in the Gunan Es River. You can cast out a regular sized bait of any kind and catch either one of these, or a Dolly Varden . This fish is commoly caught in Alaska, and is part of the Salmon family. 


This fish is easy to catch in the Gunan Es River. All you need to do is cast out a medium rod/reel setup with Quick Hitter (Regular) or Rainbow (Regular) bait, and wait until a strike. The fish that is most likely to bite would be an arctic grayling, but a Dolly Varden might bite also. This fish is easiest to catch while visible and quite close to the bank. 


Baits & LuresEdit

  • Bait: Rainbow Bait (Regular)
  • Blue Naga Scale (Spoon Lure)
  • Green Dragon Scale (Spoon Lure)


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