Armored Catfish
Armored Catfish AD

Scientific Name

Corydoras semiaquilus


Panas Jungle

Real Life Location

Amazon Basin

Tackle Size


Largest Size

0.63 ft

Base Fish Points


The Armored Catfish is a ancient and most common fish in the Panas Jungle's Emerald Marsh caught through bait fishing. In real life, this fish can grow to about 2 inches. 


  • Emerald Marsh
  • Panas Lake
  • Mangrove Pool (But this is very rare!)

Baits & Lures

  • Spinner: Classic Dark Gold, Classic Dark Silver, Classic Gold, Green/Red Oriental, Pink Oriental, Black Spinner, Gold Spinner, Light Green Spinner, Light Pink Spinner, White Spinner, Black/Red Spotted
  • Spoon: Black Beetle, Green Beetle, Yellow/Blue Dotted Spoon, Green Dragon Scale, Blue Naga Scale, Black Tiger, Light Blue Tiger, Orange Tiger, Yellow Tiger, Twin Color Gold/Blue, Twin Color Gold/Green, Twin Color Gold/Red, Twin Color Yellow/Blue
  • Any bait (Free Bait recommended)


This fish does not need a technique to catch. As you can see from the above baits and lures, it will take just about anything in it's size range. This fish only needs s-m rod/reel, and any bait that is Regular.