Scientific Name

Opisthoproctus soleatus


Safir Cave

Real Life Location

Deep Sea

Tackle Size


Largest Size

.0.53 ft (class C)

Base Fish Points


The Barreleye is a fish found in Safir Cave. It is hard to find in the water because it is mostly black. This fish has a strange adaptation to its body. Its eyes have a covering over them and are facing upward, but they can see through it. It is in same place as the Goblin Shark. It is one of the smallest fish in the game, and the smallest fish in Safir Cave. The picture of the barreleye in the game is actually inaccurate as well. 


This fish is pretty rare, but likes to hang around dark crevices. This fish requires a raft to be able to access it.


  • Quick Hitter (Regular)
  • Rainbow (Regular)

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