Bighead Carp
BigheadCarp NB

Scientific Name

Hypophthalmichthys Nobilis


Tidur River

Real Life Location

Eastern Asia

Tackle Size


Biggest size


The Bighead Carp is one of the Tidur River carps. It is the largest carp in the game and is also the largest fish at Tidur River. This fish is not to be confused as a subspecies of the grass carp, but is it's own species in the family Cyprinidae, or carp. This fish has been caught in real life at over 140 pounds and a filter feeder. Largest size 6.60 ft (S rank) 


The Bighead Carp can be easily noticed as it is far larger then Japanese Huchens or other carps.

  • Tidur River: Northern River (Downstream)
  • Next to or in the unfinished dock

Baits & Lures

  • Quick Hitter (Large)
  • Rainbow Bait (Large)
  • Red Hamstring Minnow Lure
  • Bighead Carp In the Photoguide
  • Target Photo for Bighead Carp

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