Black Bass
Black Bass AD

Scientific Name

Micropterus salmoides


Dua Ribu Lake

Real Location

East of Rocky Mountains, North America

Tackle Size


Largest Size

2.00 ft

Base Fish Points


The Black Bass can be found throughout Dua Ribu Lake. In the quest "Dua Ribu's Lunker Bass", the player must catch one larger than 1.6 ft. The black bass black bass is a common name for a wide variety of bass including
  • largemouth bass
  • smallmouth bass
  • spotted bass
  • suwanee bass
  • redeye bass

They are most common at the Eyelet, accounting to nearly 90% of all catches there.


Baits & LuresEdit

  • Spinner: Classic (any color)
  • Spoon: Dotted Spoon (any color), any Naga Scale
  • Swimming Lure: Glow (any color)
  • Any S bait


There is not much "technique" to catching this fish. Make sure you are on the northern side of the lake and cast almost anywhere with M bait. Catching this fish is easy, it will fight a bit, but then you can easily reel it in.

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