Black Carp
BlackCarp NB

Scientific Name

Mylopharyngodon piceus


Tidur River

Real Life Location


Tackle Size


Max Size

6.29 ft

Base Fish Points


The Black Carp is a fish of Tidur River's northern river. It is found with the grass carp, is worth just as much points, and a little smaller than the grass carp. The Black carp is species of the asian carp. This carp is also called the Black Chinese Roach, and unlike the Bighead CarpSilver Carp, or Grass Carp. Its range overlaps with the more common Grass Carp and Japanese Huchen, which makes it tricky to catch.


This fish can be easily spotted in the water with it's size and unique shape. To catch this fish, use Quick Hitter (Large) or Rainbow (Large), and large rod/reel. This fish is very hard to catch if you fish for it without looking at the actual fish, so look for the fish before casting for it. Try casting into the waterfall.


Baits & LuresEdit

  • Rainbow Bait (Large) 
  • Quick Hitter (Large)
  • Hamstring Minnows

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