• Drakian18

    New to Wiki

    May 21, 2016 by Drakian18

    Hello, I am new to the wiki. But I personally used this wiki many times.

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  • Gojira137

    Hi. Gojira137 Here!

    March 27, 2015 by Gojira137

    I am new to this wiki. If any of you can give me any tips, tricks, or ideas please comment.

    Gojira137 (talk) 13:47, March 27, 2015 (UTC)Scott Hildebrandt

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  • NightClawTheNightWing

    evry one on this wiki this place is going to sammbles and could you go to

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  • NightClawTheNightWing

    Hey everybody I just want to wish you all a great national STAR WARS DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Lhern12


    I've unlocked 7/8 of the maps. The final one I need is Malam but I don't see a guy near the check-in hut stairs in the Panas Jungle. I've caught well over 100 fish in Panas, my rank is level 1 expert, and I've completed 29/33 of the quests (the ones remaining are the 3 at Malam and the "Visit 8 locations" one). I have no idea what to do and am getting frustrated. I've spent over 14 in-game days in Panas and nothing ever happens. What do I do?! It seems that no one really knows what triggers the ability to buy the license for 30,000 points. My concern is that I've seen posts saying that the guy who sells the license will respond that they haven't caught enough fish yet. But I don't see a guy at all! Please help!

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  • Blackbassfisher

    What do you do?

    November 23, 2013 by Blackbassfisher

    What do you do with the bait stealers?

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  • AleNinKel

    Teman Paradise Beach:

    • Demon Stinger
    • Multicolor Rainbowfin
    • Porcupinefish

    Pacar Beach:

    • Red and Black Sea Breams

    Dua Ribu Lake:

    • Bowfin
    • Acanthodes
    • Black Bullhead
    • Brown Bullhead

    Panas Jungle:

    • Pterapsis
    • Black Ghost Knifefish
    • Electric Eel

    Malam Jungle:

    • Elephantnose Fish
    • Giant Snakehead

    Kerikil River:

    • Bothriolepis

    Kanan Lake:

    • Male Sockeye Salmon
    • White Sturgeon
    • Cutthroat Trout

    Tidur River:

    • Silver Carp

    Sepuluh Island/Safir Cave:

    • Red Emperor Young
    • Rooster Fish
    • Tarpon
    • Giant Trevally
    • Barreleye
    • Goblin Shark
    • King of Herrings
    • John Dory

    The Oceans:

    • (Tropical) Everything except Mahi-Mahi, Hammerhead Shark, Barracuda, the Marlins, Sailfish, Coral Trout, Greater Amberjack, Permit, Longfin Yellowtail, Red Snapper, and Red Emperor Adult
    • (Temperate) Everything Except GWS, Giant Squid, the Mackerels…
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  • PokeLinkEs

    Useless Categories

    November 5, 2013 by PokeLinkEs

    I've been looking at recent activities and saw that some pages have some categories that belong only to that fish, and many of them (ex. Category:Gobies only for Yellowfin Goby, Category:Chiclid for Peacock Bass). If you are doing it just for badges, STOP. Badges are not showing how helpful you are to the wiki, nor they raise your chances of being Admin. If you are doing it for calssification, it's not useful when it is only for one page.

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  • Fishgeek

    no more need for money

    October 30, 2013 by Fishgeek

    I now have well over 19 million points. I have all of the baits maxed out, all of the clothes, all of the tackle. All i need is about 14-17 more species of fish, and some more S ranks. I also need some activity platinum ranks. 

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  • Fishgeek

    Dont delete wiki pages! It deletes what other users put in, which is accurate information (like myself), and what is is for, just for your edits! 

    Please don't do that! and that means you aka wikia contributor!

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  • Fishgeek

    How do you get your fishing resort pics from your game to your wii to your computer??

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  • Fishgeek

    fishing resort 2

    July 20, 2013 by Fishgeek

    Is it just me, or do you think they should make a fishing resort 2 game? 

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  • PokeLinkEs

    I'm looking at some pages in this Wiki, and I see users speaking about themselves in the article (For me, it was..., This user has...).

    Please don't do that. The pages are for info and if you want to say what happened to you, write a comment. Thanks, PokeLinkEs.

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  • AleNinKel

    Video Games

    May 9, 2013 by AleNinKel

    Whatever video games you like, post it here.

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  • AleNinKel

    If you the location of some of the monster fishes, please, at all costs, add it to this page!

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  • Tagg3r

    The page could use some restructuring and additions, it looks pretty amateurish currently, and I'm horrible with wiki coding. 

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  • PokeLinkEs

    Good Pictures

    January 4, 2013 by PokeLinkEs

    Hello. all contributors! It's PokeLinkEs. I like seeing all the pictures you all upload, and I want to give you a little tip. When you want to picture you catching a fish or something like that, press the 1 button on the wiimote to enter camera mode, then take apicture in game and a picutre of the picture in real life. Hope you use this tip well!

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  • AindraD

    When the game tells you your caught fish's location, it may be little off.

    It only remembers where you were when you caught a fish, not the spot where fish bites your bait/lure! I always thought they did in this way, but I'm wrong.

    It can get problematic if you're fishing in the place where two or more areas meet. If you park in Lilypad Pier and you cast far into Red Windmill, the game will think you caught a fish in Lilypad Pier, not Red Windmill. When you're catching particularly rare fish, be sure you have correct location for that fish.

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  • AindraD

    Incomplete Infobox

    August 28, 2012 by AindraD

    Can we add "Incomplete Infobox" to the fish pages, like that feature "this page lacks image."? So we all can easily find them and update them? I don't know how to make that though.

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  • Fishingman040853231

    what i must do to i can fish in temperate ocean???

    help please!

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  • AindraD

    Fish Photos

    August 26, 2012 by AindraD

    Hello. I intend to make the fish profiles for all pages (though I'll have to catch them first.) with clear backgrounds so it looks little professional. I'll be aiming for the pages that lack pictures first.

    However I'd like to get your opinions about the galleries.

    View Oilfish.

    There are two photos: profile and caught fish. I figure the profile fishes (viewed in fishing book) can be used in infobox, for everything else it's used in the galleries or something similiar. The caught fish, reeling fish in, showing you where the fish can be found, etc, can be placed in the galleries?

    EDIT: The galleries can be used to show the fish more clearly. For an example, the hammerhead shark, you can't see its "T" shape head from the profile, and also you ca…

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  • PokeLinkEs

    Aquarium profits

    August 9, 2012 by PokeLinkEs

    I use lots of my points to upgrade my aquarium, but I don't get any points. Is the aquarium actually giving me points?

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  • PokeLinkEs

    Back to back

    August 2, 2012 by PokeLinkEs

    I try to win fishing contests, but I never get "Back to back" win. What do it means?

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  • PokeLinkEs


    July 31, 2012 by PokeLinkEs

    I need help- how do I enter the in-game fish passwords?

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  • Supaslaya

    piraucu help

    June 10, 2012 by Supaslaya

    i have been searching forever for this but i keep catching alligator gars plz help

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  • Supaslaya

    i have'nt been able to find the bone fish plz help

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  • Supaslaya

    I need someone's help I can't seem to find the rock-dwelling shark

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