Blotchy Sillago
Blotchy Sillago AD

Scientific Name

Sillago Burrus


Teman Paradise Beach, Pacar Beach

Real Life Location

China to South Africa

Tackle Size


Largest Size

1.06 ft

Base Fish Points


The Blotchy Sillago, is a very common fish in Teman Paradise Beach and Pacar Beach, it's appearance is very simple - no strange shapes and pink-grayish color. It is commonly mistaken for a Bonefish, as the bonefish looks like a big Blotchy Silago, only thinner and longer.



This fish is commonly found by Big Catch Rock and the Golden Cliffs in Teman Paradis Beach. This fish requires s-m rod/reel, and most Regular baits. 

Baits and Lures:

  • All regular baits

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