Scientific Name

Albula vulpes


Pacar Beach

Real Life Location

Pacific and Atlantic Oceans

Tackle Size


Largest Size


Base Fish Points


The Bonefish is a rare fish found in Pacar Beach. It is needed in order to complete the "A Yearning for Pure White"  Try to start from the east side of the edge of the shallow area and slowly, walk along the shore and watch the deeper area. These bonefish are sleek and white, slender, and not big like a trevally. It also has one fin on top and is shaped like a bullet. Arm yourself with the Heroic/Lunker Keeper combo and try to use rainbow bait. When you see one, cast CLOSE and your bait will do the bidding for


  • Pacar Beach: Shallow Area (Edge of the deep area)

Baits & Lures

  • Quick Hitter (regular)
  • blue bait (regular)

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