Bowfin AD

Scientific Name

Amia calva


Dua Ribu Lake

Real Life Location

East USA, Southeast Canada

Tackle Size


Largest Size

2.52 ft (S)

Base Fish Points


 Bowfins or Dogfish are brown with dark streaks on their bodies. They can breathe air by surfacing and using their swim bladder as lungs. It is easy to mistake for the Snakehead because of its similar back. Even in real life, people mistake the native Bowfin for the invasive snakehead all the time. It is slightly related to the lungfish. It is a pretty rare fish in Dua Ribu Lake. In real life they live in Southeastern Canada and Eastern United States. They are also found on the west side of the Eyelet. This fish are the last surviving members of the Amiiformes. In real life, this fish is more of a green-yellow color, or can be a dark green, and can grow to about 3 1/2 feet in length. 


  • Dua Ribu Lake: Dua Ribu Eyelet (West) - near the lilypads, Red Windmill area

Baits & LuresEdit

  • Spinner: Classic (Blue)
  • Rainbow Bait: (Regular)


One handy way to tell this fish underwater is its stripes and that shorter dorsal fin. When caught, it has a silvery and purple hue to it that no other fish in Dua Ribu has. It is rare, though. The place to look is just outside the grass area at Red Windmill. Don't cast blindly. If you see it, cast, if you don't, then forget it.

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