Burbot AD

Scentific Name

Lota lota


Kanan Lake

Real Life Location

North America and Europe

Tackle Size


Largest Size

3.31 ft

Base Fish Points


The Burbot is only one member of the Lota family. Its name means "the beard", in reference to the fish's one whisker on its chin. it is related to the ling cod, with that one whisker on its lower jaw. 


They can be seen in water clearly and they often swim in the groups, though may be difficult to distinguish from other nearby fish, especially the Muskie and Walleye. They sometimes reach surface and swim down. However, they are easy to distinguish for their snakehead-like appearance in the water.

Baits & LuresEdit

  • Spoon: Goblin Toy (any color version.)
  • Rainbow Large
  • Quick Hitter: Large


An easy and good way to catch burbot is to drive around in your boat, and when you spot one, to cast with the baits above, and wait for one to bite. They are pretty common and they can be accidentally caught when doing the second part of the "Kanan Fishing Test" Quest.

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