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Fishing is the main purpose of Wii Fishing Resort. Of course, to do that, you need fish. In this is a list of all of the different species of fish that are in this game, other species, and more. Fish in Wii fishing resort may not be that accurate in size or shape. The fish in this game are fish from all over the globe. There is Japanese, American, European, Islandic, African, Arctic, deep sea, oriental, even from South America. There are Carnivorous (eat meat), Herbivorous (eat plants), Piscivorous (eat fish), Insectivorous (eat insects), and Omnivourous (eat all of the above). You can catch them with a series of artificial baits, techniques, and equipment. Some fish may be as little as 0.15 feet, but others can get over 21 feet. Many will break your line, so you have to be careful. 

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