Scientific Name

Silurus asotus


Dua Ribu Lake, Tidur River, Kerikil River

Real Life Location

East Asia and Japan

Tackle Size


Largest Size

2.09 ft

Base Fish Points


The Catfish is a medium sized fish found in temperate and frigid waters. In real life, there are over 100 species of catfish, and this one is the Amur Catfish or Japanese Common Catfish. It is related to the Redtail Catfish found at Panas Jungle.



This fish is easy to catch, but is stubborn to reel in. IT can be found in Dua Ribu Lake, Tidur River, and Kerikil River, and is very common. To catch this fish, you need medium rod/reel (easiest with omega/lunker keeper), along with all Regular Baits. This fish commonly steals baits when trying to catch rarer and more valuable fish. 


  • Baits: All M baits
  • Lures: Dragonscale
  • Blue Naga Scale (Spoon Lure)
  • Twin Color-Gold/Red (Spoon Lure)
  • Red Beetle (Spoon Lure)
  • Red Tiger (Spoon Lure)
  • Red Goblin Toy (Spoon Lure)

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