Scientific Name

Climatius Reticulatus


Malam Jungle

Real Life Location

Europe, North America

Tackle Size


Largest Size


Base Fish Points


Climatius is the monster fish of Malam Jungle. To repel predators, it used its many sharp spines. This fish was a species of small shark whose bones were found in North America and Europe. This fish has many sharp teeth on its lower jaw, but none on its upper jaw. It has fourteen spines to discourage predators. It is hard to find, though somewhat easy compared to other monster fish, as the area it is found in is somewhat small.


  • Malam Jungle: Twin Rock Stream, near the two geese, below the two circling birds.

Baits & Lures

  • Rainbow(Regular)
  • A Climatius on the End-of-the-Screen
  • Climatius Being Caught
  • Climatius Target Photo

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