Coral Trout

Scientific Name

Plectropomus leopardus


Tropical Ocean

Real Life Location

Western Pacific Ocean

Tackle Size


Largest Size

1.65 ft

Base Fish Points


The Coral Trout is a type of grouper caught in the Tropical Ocean. This can be caught on the tropical ocean ferry. This fish can grow to about 2 feet. This fish is named because it has a bright red color, with darker spots, which kind of looks like coral. 


This fish isn't that common, take the tropical ocean ferry, use medium rod/reel, and Regular bait (quick hitter/rainbow), and just pull through the other medium catches and wait for a bite from this fish. This fish will often come after some other fish. 

this fish is not that hard to catch if you have the cruiser, board the cruiser at Teman paradish beach go out in to the bay a little bit so your not at the dock Use quick hitter regular or ranbow regular you will catch a couple John Dory but very soon you will have a coral trout in the boat