Dogtooth Tuna
Dogtooth Tuna AD

Scientific Name

Gymnosarda Unicolor


Pacar Beach

Real Life Location

West Italian Ocean, South Japan

Tackle Size


Largest Size

4.21 ft

Base Fish Points


The Dogtooth Tuna lives in the shallow area of Pacar Beach, and it is easily distinguishable due to the prominent hooked fin on its back. It is commonly caught offshore in real life, and is one of the smaller species of tuna, along with the skipjack. This fish is a good fish to win the Pacar Beach Largest Fish competitions. This fish can be caught commonly with the TrevallyBluefin Trevally, and Napoleon Fish


Baits & LuresEdit

  • Minnow: Gold Wild King
  • Bait: Quick Hitter (Large)


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