Dorado AD

Scientific Name

Salminus brasiliensis


Panas Jungle

Real Life Location

South America

Tackle Size


Largest Size

4.20 ft

Base Fish Points


Do frsec

The Dorado, also known in real life as the Golden Dorado or Freshwater Dorado because the Mahi Mahi may be also called a Dorado, is a large fish found in Panas Jungle's Emerald Marsh and Mangrove Pool. It must be fished in order to complete the "Shadow of Gold" quest and fish a Platinum Alligator Gar. It is relatively easy to catch, just cast by the close big tree with any large bait and you will pick up three species: Payara, Arowana, and the Dorado.


Baits & Lures: Green Trolling Dish or L-XL Rainbow Bait or Swimming Lure Big Blue Glow

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