Driftwood can be caught accidentally in some fishing areas. The player will be able to tell if he or she has snagged some, because it will offer no resistance to the line no matter how the rod is angled. There are many types of driftwood, and they can also be converted to points just as normal fish can. It would also not increase or decrease the distance from the player if they stop reeling. They also will not make the water sounds that a fish will make. If you catch an S rank drift wood, the driftwood will not leap out of the water, but the screen will go white for a second, and you will find out. In real life, there is not really a size on driftwood. there could be a stick 2 inches long, or a 50 foot fallen tree. 

Types of Seaweed-WaterweedEdit

  • Normal Driftwood
  • Straight Driftwood
  • Fine Driftwood
  • Average Driftwood


While the Normal, and Average driftwoods are worth less than 100 apiece, the Straight Driftwood found in most freshwater areas are actually worth at least 500 points per catch, making these worth more than most small fish in the game.

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