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Electric Eel

Scientific Name

Electrophorus Electricus


Panas Jungle

Real Life Location

Amazon and Orinoco River

Tackle Size


Largest Size

10.04 ft

Base Fish Points


The Electric Eel is a password fish found in the Panas Jungle at the Panas Waterfall and Mangrove Pool.


  • Panas Jungle at the Panas Waterfall and Mangrove Pool

Bait & TackleEdit

  • Almost all baits at Large/XL size

Rods & ReelsEdit

  • Titan Rod and the Infinity Reel + Rainbow Bait
  • Storm Killer Rod and the Lunker Keeper Reel + Rainbow Bait

Tips and TricksEdit

  • When trying to catch this fish, try to stay in the green - slight orange range
  • It is possible to catch the fish with a 2 star rod and reel, but PLEASE use a 3 star if you can


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