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Electric Eel

Scientific Name

Electrophorus Electricus


Panas Jungle

Real Life Location

Amazon and Orinoco rivers

Tackle Size


Biggest Size


Base Fish Points


The Electric Eel is an unlockable password fish found in Panas Jungle in the Mangrove Pool. It is very easy to spot in the water, due to its distinctive shape. In real life, it can create shockwaves of up to 600 volts. How the player can hold it barehanded is unknown. In real life, they grow only about 6 foot less than they do in the game, and are a bit more slender. They fight extremely hard, but a 3 star rod/reel can easily reel it in.

Baits & LuresEdit

  • Yellowbait
  • Rainbow Bait (Large)
  • Red bait large


  • Panas Jungle: Mangrove Pool
  • Panas Jungle: Panas Waterfall


They are not extremely common next to the oh-so-obvious Alligator Gar and Dorado. They "camoflague" against the light reflection rippling off the surface of the water, as they move in pretty much the same way. It usually takes Pou Bait, but would not be attracted to any other bait. It is slow to bite. Once it bites, expect a fierce fight.the pou fish would escape extremely far. In a way, it presents a challenge to a player as much as a Hyneria does. It would go from Green to Red in a few turns of the Nunchuck.


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