Fat Minnow
Fat Minnow AD

Scientific Name

Rhynchocypris kumgangensis'


Kerikil River

Real Life Location

Korean Peninsula

Tackle Size


Largest Size

No information

Base Fish Points

No information

The Fat Minnow is a small and common fish that can be caught in Kerikil RiverTidur River, and Pacar Beach . They are extremely easy to snag and reel in, and are very common, making it a nuisance when looking for some rarer fish like a Japanese Char. This fish lives in Asia, and is part of the Cyprinidae family. 


This fish is somewhat common, and can be caught in several places. This fish requires s-m rod/reel, and any regular bait. In Tidur, it is very common in the Southern River if you cast right by the Cruiser


  • Kerikil River: Kerikil Calm (Downstream)
  • Tidur River (Southern River, Downstream)
  • Pacar Beach (Villa Mirador)

Baits & Lures

  • Bait: Free Bait

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