There Can Be many kinds of flying fish in the world, such as the black-wing flying fish, or the california flying fish. Flying fish cannot actually fly, but instead they swim really fast, and then propel themselves out of the water, and can glide for up to a couple hundred feet. The farthest ever recorded flight was 1300 feet. This technique is mainly to get away from enemies. However, this technique can backfire. For example, several flying fish have been found on beaches because they literally glided into the beach, and there have been reports of fish gliding onto boats. This fish can glide 20 feet above the water at maximum. In the game, they can be found just outside Pacar Beach on the Cruiser, or on the the Temperate Ocean ferry. They are not extremely common and is a password fish.


This fish can grow to about 18 inches in real life. 


  • Rainbow Bait M

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