Giant Trevally
100 1049

Scientific Name

Caranx ignobilis


Tropical Ocean

Real Life Location

Indo-Pacific Ocean

Tackle Size


The Giant Trevally is an uncommon fish of the Tropical Ocean. It cannot be caught until several fish are caught, including a Bonefish and a Trevally at Pacar Beach. They can be found near the Sepuluh/Spool island in the ocean using Rainbow Bait. This fish is harvested in Asia by the hundreds of tons, and in Hawaii, they are harvested by the thousands of pounds. When this fish has reached 50 cm, it's head starts growing an indentation. In real life, that indentation is not as distinct. The IGFA record for this fish is 72,8 kg at 22 May 2006. It was caught in Tokara, Kagoshima, Japan by Keiki Hamasaki. 


  • Temperate Ocean
  • Tropical Ocean

Bait : All large bait.

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