HF-1800 Storm Killer






28000 pts

"Fixes the throw distance issues from the HF-1400, and then some. Boasts impeccable elasticity and control."

-Store Description

The HF-1800 Storm Killer is a large-sized fishing rod sold in the Teman Paradise Beach Tackle Shop. It is the second rod in the HF series, and like the store advertises, the Storm Killer does sport a longer casting range than the HF-1400 Hamstring. It's also stronger and can take more strain.

Despite its "L" classification, the Storm Killer can also catch some of the largest fish in the game. It is actually noticably easier to catch L-XL sized fish (the King of Herrings and the Pirarucu, for example) with the Storm Killer than with XL-sized rods. Thus, the Storm Killer is a highly versatile rod, and it can be relied on for the majority of the game in most fishing environments. Players usually consider the Storm Killer the most versatile fishing rod in the game. 

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