SFVEXJ-29 (4)

Scientific Name

Helicoprion bessonovi


Frigid Ocean

Real Life Location

Idaho, Utah, Wyoming

Tackle Size


Biggest Size

12.74 feet (S Rank)

Base Fish Points


The Helicoprion is a fish found in the northern Frigid Ocean. It is an extinct fish that lived in the Permian and Triassic Periods. This fish can be caught by trolling. In game, they get 17 feet long, but in real life could reach 22 feet. It is named after the bottom lip, and its name means spiral saw.

It is easily distinguished as looking like a shark, but no GWS are in the Frigid Ocean, and it is gray. Use 2 white lures and 3 orange lures to catch it and if you have the cruiser head north until you can't go any farther and then go slightly can catch this fish more than two times

Bait: White trolling lure


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