Japanese Huchen
JapaneseHuchen NB

Scientific Name

Hucho perryi


Tidur River

Real Life Location

Russia, Japan

Tackle Size


Biggest Size

4.21 ft

Base Fish Points


The Japanese Huchen, or hucho perryi is a fish from Tidur River. It is also called the Stringfish, Sea run Taimen, or the Ito. It is a common fish that can be caught in the upstream of the northern river. You can catch them even without seeing them, but they can be commonly seen. It can be a little obnoxious when trying to catch the black carp and the grass carp, because they will steal your bait and you have to either catch them or break it off. They are worth a fair amount of points. They are the most common L fish in Tidur river. This fish is a huchen, and is related to the Hucho taimen. 


It is very common and easily seen underwater.

  • tidur river unfinished dock
  • Near the person on a kayak who told you to catch a Japanese Huchen

Baits & LuresEdit

  • Wide range large
  • quick hitter large
  • Rainbow
  • Silver Mcoy (Spinning Lure)


These fish are easy to catch. They are like the Japanese Bullhead Shark. They are common and don't fight hard.