Japanese Pufferfish
Japanese Pufferfish

Scientific Name

Takifugu rubripes


Frigid Ocean

Real Life Location

Japan, China

Tackle Size


Biggest Size

Base Fish Points

The Japanese Pufferfish is a type of pufferfish that can be found in the Frigid Ocean. It is also known in real life as the Fugufish, and is extraordinarily poisonous, despite being a delicacy in Japan. The reason it is a delicacy in Japan is because their meat is very tender, and there are techniques to cut away the parts that are poisonous. The size is accurate. They are a rare catch in the Frigid Ocean, and ocean fishing is extremely random.


This fish is somewhat rare, and very hard to catch for most fishermen. A reliable way to catch this fish is to use three star medium tackle, and use quick hitter S-M or rainbow S-M. This fish will bite only a couple times a day, and usually after you catch a bunch of other fish. You cannot catch this fish without catching other fish (unless you break the other fish off).