Japanese Whiting
Japanese Whiting

Scientific Name

Sillago Japonica


Temperate Ocean

Real Life Location


Tackle Size


Largest Size

1.27 ft

Base Fish Points


Japanese Whiting are small fish found in the Temperate Ocean and the Frigid Ocean.  These can be a rare fish to find.  The real life Japanese Whiting is also known as the Japanese Sillago.  They are a common species of fish which belong to the smelt-whiting family, Sillaginidae.  They inhabit shallow water and prey on crustaceans and small fish.  


  • Temperate Ocean
  • Frigid Ocean

Baits & LuresEdit

  • Rainbow (Regular)
  • Quick Hitter (Regular)


This fish is not common, but not rare either. This fish requires s-m rod/reel, and high-quality Regular bait. This fish can be caught with the Frigid Ferry, or the Temperate ferry. 


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