Kayaking on Kanan Lake


A kayak course


Pacar beach's pier and shallows with kayaks


Silver Carp target photo caught on kayak

IMG 20130623 143011

Bighead Carp target photo caught on kayak


cheiracanthus caught on kayak

The kayak is the second rental vehicle in the game. It costs 50 points to rent it for the day. It is the hardest vehicle to use because the control scheme is entirely manual and the player must press alternate buttons to paddle and move. The kayak also offers limited fishing angles, so the player must adjust his\her position much more. The kayak is also the slowest vehicle in the game, slower even than the player walking, though only surpasses walking in utility in the farther reach it brings.

Kayak race activities are also available occasionally from the bulletin board, and they involve completing a timed kayak course. 

Kayaks are available in Pacar BeachTeman Paradise BeachTidur River, and Kanan Lake.