Largehead Hairtail

Scientific Name

Trichiurus lepturus Linnaeus


Penangkapan Ocean (North)

Tackle Size


Largest Size

3.75 ft

Base Fish Points


The largehead hairtail (also beltfish), Trichiurus lepturus, is a member of the cutlassfish family, Trichiuridae. It is a long, slender fish found throughout the tropical and temperate waters of the world. The Atlantic and Pacific populations are also known as Atlantic cutlassfish and Pacific cutlassfish, respectively.

Largehead hairtails can grow to over 2 m in length; the largest recorded weight is 5 kg and the oldest recorded age is 15 years. They live in shallow coastal waters, rising to eat planktonic crustaceans during the day and returning to the sea bed at night.
Largehead Hairtail

Largehead Hairtail