Lenok NB

Scientific Name

Brachymystax Lenok


Patarpa River

Real Life Location

Siberia, Korea, China

Tackle Size


Biggest Size

2.0 ft

Base Fish Points


The Lenok is a fish from Patarpa River. It is a common fish and is the only fish that can be caught there with a medium or small rod. The lenok is also known as the Asiatic trout or Manchurian trout because of its range. This fish is not it's own species, but has several subspecies, so this species is classified as Lenoks.  

Baits & LuresEdit

  • All S-M


This fish is very easy to catch. All you have to do is cast out a medium rod (any star level is fine, but 2 or 3-star is recommended to make sure you catch the fish), a medium reel, and quick hitter bait, cast out your line, and wait for a bite. This fish is very visible in water, so try to cast where you see one.