Moray Eel

Scientific Name

Family Muraenidae


Teman Paradise Beach

Real Life Location

Atlantic Ocean and Pacific Ocean

Tackle Size


Largest Size


Base Fish Points


The Moray Eel is one of the more common fish found around Big Catch Rock, and can be caught with large bait. There are a lot of kinds of moray eel, covering many genuses. Different moray eels include the snowflake moray, the green moray, and the california moray eel. The eel most likely in the game is the green moray eel. It could be accidentally caught when looking for a Japanese Bullhead Shark .


This fish is very visible in the water, which makes it an easy catch when you cast over to it. This fish requires Large rod/reel, along with Quick Hitter/Rainbow (Large). This fish will fight hard, but is very fun to catch.