Murray Cod

Scientific Name

Maccullochella peelii


Dua Ribu Lake

Real Life Location


Tackle Size


Largest Size


Base Fish Points


The Murray Cod is a large fish of Dua Ribu Lake. Unlike most of the other Dua Ribu Lake fish, it isn't from North America. It lives in Australia and will grow to about 4 feet. They are the most common fish there and is a huge nuisance when looking for rarer fish like the Wels Catfish.


This fish is easily seen around Dua Ribu Eyelet, and around where you catch Wels Catfish. These fish are very visible and distinguishable, so all you need is to see them, have Large rod/reel, and Large bait. Goblin Toy series spoons will work on these fish, but are not as effective as float fishing. 

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