Muskie AD

Scientific Name

Esox masquinongy


Kanan Lake

Real Location

North America

Tackle Size


Largest Size

4.18 ft

Base Fish Points


The Muskie ( a shortened term for the Muskellunge) is a medium-sized fish common throughout many parts of Kanan Lake. It can often be caught alongside Burbot and Walleye, two similar sized fish with similar ranges. However, it is a lot bigger.


Baits & LuresEdit

  • Baits: All L-XL baits
  • Crankbait: Silver Glory, Yellow Zebra Crank
  • Minnow: Pink Trolling Dish, Silver Wild King
  • Swimming Lure: Blue Paragon
  • Lt Blue Goblin Toy (Spoon Lure)


Really, just cast from Foliage Gate out about 90 or so ft. You will catch this, Burbot, or Walleye. It is easy to distinguish as it fights harder and escape farther than any of these other fish. If you really need to, it is a lot chubbier than the other fish in the area when viewed in the water.

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