N. Pacific Giant Octopus

Scientific Name

Enteroctopus dofleini


Frigid Ocean

Real Life Location

North Pacific

Tackle Size


Biggest Size

16.64 feet

Base Fish Points


The N. Pacific Giant Octopus is a very large saltwater octopus that can be caught in the Frigid Ocean. Its model and idle animation are identical to that of the Octopus, making it easily identifiable from a distance when it struggles during trolling. It is very large and somehow jumps, despite not being a powerful swimmer. In game, it is very oversized. It's full name is "North Pacific Giant Octopus." In real life, giant octupus rarely exeed 5 feet, but can have been reported to have over a 25 foot arm span and over 600 pounds. This animal is one of many in Fishing Resort that is not a real fish, but actually an invertabrate. 

Baits & LuresEdit

  • Trolling: Yellow
  • Trolling: Orange
  • All in Rainbow Order(left to right)
  • Trolling: White
  • Try use two orange and three White

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    • I cought it with my cruiser just off of Sembilan Island with #2 and 5 bait... I've cought alot there.
    • Thanks! I'll try it.

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