Scientific Name

Tylosurus crocodilus


Teman Paradise Beach

Real Life Location

Indian and Pacific Oceans

Tackle Size


Largest Size

3.72 ft

Base Fish Points


The Needlefish is a large saltwater fish found at the Golden Cliffs in Teman Paradise Beach. Only two or three will spawn at once. They are found in the Gulf of Mexico in real life, and can grow from 3-4 feet. The Needlefish is an easy way to gain points in the Teman Paradise Beach. They are easy to see in the water, but they won't always take bait. These fish, even though larger, rarer, and a harder fight than the Japanese Bullhead Shark, isn't worth as much.


This fish is simple to catch, and can be easily seen in the water. You need large rod/reel and large bait (quick hitter or rainbow). This fish can only be caught by the Golden Cliffs. Cast from 40-however far you can cast, and you have a higher chance of catching this fish and the Japanese Bullhead Shark. 

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