Oilfish AD

Scientific Name

Ruvettus pretiosus


Temperate Ocean, Frigid Ocean

Real Life Location

Atlantic Ocean and Southern Ocean

Tackle Size


Largest Size

5.96 ft

Smallest size

3.96 ft

Base Fish Points


The Oilfish is the most common fish you can catch via trolling in the Temperate Ocean and Frigid Ocean. In real life, the oilfish secretes an oily substance onto its skin and holes in its mouth, making them harder to be caught on hooks.


This fish does not need much skill to catch. All you need is a trolling tour to the Temperate Ocean or Frigid ocean, and Pink, Purple, or White Bait. You are almost guaranteed to catch one of these fish if you are doing this. However, this fish is often a nuisance when trying to catch bigger, rarer, and more valuable species. 


  • Temperate Ocean
  • Frigid Ocean

Baits & LuresEdit

  • Trolling Lures: Pink, Purple, and White  


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