Penangkapan Island is a world-famous fishing resort island, with many diverse fishing locations. As such, it attracts recreational and professional fishers from all over the world. Many flock to its many lodges and seaside hotels to fish in a variety of climates, with the island's resorts also offering amenities such as long-distance fishing trips, fishing classes, and ocean fishing tours. This island is not a real island, but is the place in which the game of Fishing Resort takes place. 


Areas of Penangkapan IslandEdit


  • Penangkapan Island is shaped like a Sailfish.
  • Penangkapan Island seems to be a fictional Malaysian/Indonesian island according to the name of the areas.
    • Penangkapan means catching or fishing.
    • Teman means friend.
    • Panas means hot.
    • Dua Ribu means two thousand.
    • Pacar means girl/boyfriend.
    • Malam means night.
    • Kerikil means gravel.
    • Kanan means right (direction).
    • Remak means preferable.
    • Tidur means sleep.
    • Safir means Sapphire.

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