Pirarucu or "King of the Jungle"
Pirarucu AD

Scientific Name

Arapaima Gigas


Panas Jungle

Real Life Location

South America

Tackle Size


Largest Size

15.28 ft

Base Fish Points


The Pirarucu, Arapaima, or Paiche is the largest fish in Panas Jungle. It is unlocked in the "King Of The Jungle" quest and it must be fished in order to unlock the Platinum Alligator Gar and Dorado. The Pirarucu can be confused with the Alligator Gar, which swims in the same area. In reality, it is known more commonly as the Arapaima.

The Pirarucu is the biggest fish in the Amazon River, and can grow past 10 ft. People catch it for it's meat. It feeds on other fish, like piranha, and crushes it with its powerful tongue. It is a bony tongued fish. In real life, its mouth is actually bigger than in the game. It almost never takes Rainbow Bait and will usually only eat Quick Hitter, making rainbow users frustrated. They look huge next to the Alligator Gars and Peacock Bass, which makes it so much easier to catch.


  • Panas Lake: South of Rootroof Stream Entrance
  • Panas Lake: South of Craigie Stream Entrance (not all way to the southern cliffs)
  • Panas Waterfall (Most common)

Baits & LuresEdit

  • Swimming Lure: Big Blue Glow
  • Quick Hitter: Large
  • Rainbow: Large
  • these fish will bite more often at night if you have attained night pass,it will be a whole lot easier to catch