Scientific Name

Polypterus Bichir


Malam Jungle

Real Life Location

Nile River

Tackle Size


Biggest Size

please add

Base points


The Polypterus, known in real life as the Nile Bichir, found in Africa, is a fish found in Malam Jungle. They resemble a snakehead in the water. This fish is in one of two families of fish with lungs as well as gills,so this fish can breath air, but no windpipe. The name of this fish comes from the Greek meaning "many fins". This fish is in one two two living families of fish that regularly use air as an oxygen source as well as water. There are the bichirs, the Polypteridae, and the lungfish, the Ceratodontidae. 


  • Shak Garden Stream

Baits & Lures

  • Quick Hitter (Normal)
  • Rainbow Bait (Large)

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