Purple Queen
PurpleQueen NB

Scientific Name

Pseudanthias Tuka


Sembilan Island

Real Life Location

Indo-pacific ocean

Tackle Size


Base Points


The Purple Queen is a rare small fish from Sembilan Island. It can be found with the Rolfosteus Canningensis  by the big pillar. It is a good way of getting lots of points with small bait. It can easily be caught with blue bait.


Baits & Lures

  • Rainbow Bait (Regular)
  • Blue bait (regular)
  • Quick Hitter (Regular)

Tips Edit

They are very easy to reel in, but surprisingly hard to catch. Where they are found in has a lot of red-belied Fusilier so you'll need the right rod, reel and bait! The best rod/reel combo to use would be the MF-210 Tourist rod, M-05 Hunter reel, and Rainbow: Regular bait.


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