Rolfoseus Canningensis
Rolfosteus NB

Scientific Name

Rolfosteus Canningensis


Sembilan Island

Real Life Location

Western Australia

Tackle Size


Biggest Size


Base Fish Points


The Rolfosteus Canningensis is the monster fish of Sembilan Island. Even though it's the monster fish of the island, it is one of the least valuable fish in the area. The Rolfosteus Canningensis used to grow to about 6 inches and, like the Pteraspis, had plating on the front of its body. This fish was an Arthrodire, which means it had sharp, body plates which made a beak to cut prey into pieces, like the Dunkleosteus


  • Sembilan Island: Near the mushroom-shaped rock pillar
  • Sembilan Island: In front of the giant rock on the left of the dock


This fish is rare, no question. This fish is often caught in the middle of other fish. This fish will fight harder and has a unique fight than other fish, but has the same type of fight as a Red-bellied Fusilier, which makes it probable to break it off when confusing it. This fish can be caught with s-m rod/reel, and rainbow bait. This fish is especially challenging to catch unless you have rainbow bait. 

Baits & LuresEdit

  • Rainbow Bait (Regular) (best, less challenging)
  • Wide Range (Regular)
  • blue bait (regular)