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Scientific Name

Istiophorus platypterus


Tropical Ocean

Real Life Location

Indo-Pacific oceans

Tackle Size


Base Fish Points


Maximum size

12.93 feet

This fish is one of the billfish and password fish who live in the Tropical Ocean, Temperate Ocean and Frigid Ocean. It's very easy to catch, because it likes all lures and very common fish. The Sailfish can only be caught if it is unlocked using the password or WiFi. It can then be caught only by Trolling. It is One of the billfish, others are Striped Marlin, Indo-Pacific Blue Marlin, Swordfish and Black Marlin. It is a very good paying fish but could become annoying when looking for rarer fish. It will be in the back room of the temperate aquarium.

DO NOT enter the Sailfish password before you caught the Dunkleosteus. It will make it rarer and harder to catch.

Baits & LuresEdit

  • Trolling Lures: Any