Shortnose Gar
Shortnose Gar (12)

Scientific Name

Lepisosteus platostomus


Dua Ribu Lake

Real Life Location

United States

Tackle Size


The Shortnose Gar is a password fish which can be found in Dua Ribu Lake. This fish is pretty rare, but can be found in the Dua Ribu Eyelet. This fish can grow to about 2 feet in real life, but can grow a little longer than 1.2 feet in the game. 


This fish is pretty rare, but is easily distinguishable in the water. This fish cannot be caught on land by the Dua Ribu Eyelet, but has to be caught in a Inflatable Raft behind Dua Ribu Eyelet. This fish requires medium rod/reel, and Quick Hitter (Regular) bait. This fish is easiest catch when looking at them. 


  • Dua Ribu Lake: Dua Ribu Eyelet

Baits & LuresEdit

  • Baits: Quick Hitter (Regular)
  • Baits: Rainbow (Regular)


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