Silver Carp
SilverCarp NB

Scientific Name

Hypophthalmichthys molitrix


Tidur River

Real Life Location

North Asia

Tackle Size


Biggest Size


Base Fish Size


The Silver Carp is one of the four large carps found in Tidur River. It is most similar to the more common Bighead Carp and has a similar range, though is smaller with a grayer coloration.


  • Tidur River: Northern River (Downstream)

Baits & LuresEdit

  • Quick Hitter (Large)
  • Rainbow (Large)
  • Hamstring Minnow Lure


This fish is easy to catch if you have the correct equipment, and are careful how you fight this fish. To catch this fish, you will need large-extra large size rod and reel (preferably storm killer/lunker keeper or titan/infinity). Then, with your kayak, paddle to the very downstream of the northern river to the end weeds. Then, cast with quick hitter/rainbow large, and wait for a hit. You are likely to catch this fish, or the Bighead Carp

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