Silver Salmon
Silver Salmon

Scientific Name

Oncorhynchus Kisutch

Tackle Size


In-Game Location

Kanan Lake, Tidur River

Real Life Range

Japan, Russia, Alaska, and California. Introduced into Great Lakes region.

Largest Size

2.46 (S(

Base Fish Points


The Silver Salmon is a rare fish from Kanan Lake. They are most common around Reed Point, but they are also found in Tidur River. They are hard to distinguish and doesn't always spawn. In fact, they look nearly identical to the way more common Chum Salmon. It can be caught in Frigid Ocean. They will usually ignore anything short of Rainbow Bait, unless you are very persistent, then you might be able to pick one up on quick hitter or wide range. They are very expensive to catch.


  • Kanan Lake - Reed Point
  • Tidur River - Southern River (Downstream)
  • Frigid Ocean


  • Rainbow Bait: Regular
  • Green Dragon Scale (Spoon Lure)
  • Twin Color-Gold/Red (Spoon Lure)
  • Red Beetle (Spoon Lure)
  • Silver Mcoy (Spinning Lure)