Smallscale Blackfish
059. Smallcale Blackfish

Scientific Name

Girella punctata


Teman Paradise Beach

Real Life Location

East Asia

Tackle Size: MF-210/FR-02


Largest Size

size: class B-1.82ft / class A- 1.97ft

Base Fish Points: class B 3240 (w/bonus points )

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Smallscale Blackfish are decent sized fish that live in Teman Paradise Beach. They are found near Big Catch Rock. You might be able to catch one at the golden cliffs, though. These fish are pretty rare, and get you a lot of points. They are known for, as their name says, having small scales for their size. Expect best results when casting out about 30-80 ft from either location.


66' out, 4' left of rock straight out at night.

Baits & LuresEdit

  • Bait: Quick Hitter Regular
  • Yellow Bait Regular